Credit: Courtesy of Maclen Stanley ‘18 Ashleigh Ruggles Stanley ’18 and Maclen Stanley ’18 at their Harvard Law School graduation in 2018.

After Maclen Stanley’s ’18 book, “The Law Says What?: Stuff You Didn’t Know About the Law (but Really Should!),” published last summer, he quickly realized that he’d have to take on much of the publicity himself. So, he asked his wife, Ashleigh Ruggles Stanley ’18, to help him create a “silly TikTok” account to help promote it.
Maclen had to work hard to convince her to do it. “I was a big naysayer,” said Ashleigh. “I didn’t want to be the millennial on TikTok that thinks they can dance and do the trends. That’s not who I am. I’m a professional and have an image to uphold.” But Maclen assured her it was going to be about “law stuff.”
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