After Dell’s new Compression Attached Memory Module (CAMM) leaked out last week, several tech sites led many to believe that the company was taking a path to “lock out users upgrades.” However, according to PCWorld citing both the person who designed and patented the CAMM standard, as well as the product manager of the first Dell Precision laptop to feature it, “the intent of the new memory module standard is to head-off looming bandwidth ceilings in the current SO-DIMM designs.” They claim that CAMM could increase performance, improve reliability, aid user upgrades, and eventually lower costs too. From the report: Most of the internet hot takes last week, however, reacted to CAMM being proprietary, which is typically viewed as a method to lock people into buying upgrades only from one company. Dell officials, however, insist that’s not the case at all. “One of the tenants of the PC industry is

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