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Renegotiate the web “bargain” by blocking all ads: The Adafruit ESPHole lets you say “How about ‘Nah?'”

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Renegotiate the web “bargain” by blocking all ads (permalink)
Back in 2019, I wrote a case-study on ad- and tracker-blocking as part of EFF’s series on adversarial interoperability (AKA “competitive compatibility” or comcom). My point was that the ad-tech industry says that it tracks you as part of a bargain: you trade away your privacy and get media in exchange, but that this was a bizarre kind of take-it-or-leave-it form of bargaining.
The ad-tech deal boils down to this: “Just by following a link to this page, you have agreed to, well, anything we feel like doing. We can collect your data, sell it, merge it with other data, share it, mine

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