An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet, written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols: Mainframes and AI? Isn’t that something like a Model-T Ford with a Tesla motor? Actually, no. Mainframes are as relevant in 2022 as they were in the 1960s. IBM’s new IBM z16, with its integrated on-chip Telum AI accelerator, is ready to analyze real-time transactions, at scale. This makes it perfect for mainframe mission-critical workloads such as healthcare and financial transactions. This 21st century Big Iron AI accelerator is built onto its core Telum processor. With this new dual-processor 5.2 GHz chip and its 16 cores, it can perform 300 billion deep-learning inferences per day with one-millisecond latency. Can you say fast? IBM can.

Anthony Saporito, a senior technical staff member for IBM Z hardware development, said “One of the Telum design’s key innovations is we built an AI accelerator right onto the silicon of the chip and

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