GitLab, the popular open source DevOps service, today announced version 15 of its platform. As usual, GitLab is basically announcing its roadmap for the entirety of the GitLab 15 release cycle here, with all of the new features rolling out over the course of the next year or so. The company says it will focus on observability, security, enterprise planning and workflow automation.
One of the first new features GitLab plans to launch is based on its acquisition of Opstrace last December.
“We’re going to continue to integrate not just an observability platform — available by default for developers to store their observability data and easily instrument their apps — but bring really great experiences that no other DevOps platform can create by showcasing that information in the right context for developers,” Kenny Johnston, product leader at GitLab, told me during an interview at last week’s KubeCon Europe event. “Think about things

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