Ever since they announced that companies can register and run TLDs, I’ve been somewhat obsessed by the idea of running one myself.
Here’s the idea, a TLD for the feed-o-sphere. I’d like to have a feed named dave.feed. When you access my domain it returns the content at a URL you specify and can change. So where ever I may be blogging today, you may find my feed at that address.
So the questions are basically:

How much money does it take, up front and periodically? Who gets the money?
How much time does it take to apply for the TLD, and what are the requirements to be approved?
Can you make a TLD non-profit, and does that affect the cost?
Is it only for companies or can individuals register TLDs?
What questions have I missed?

I’ve started a thread on my blog’s repo to discuss, or you can respond on Twitter, but I’d

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