What’s new in Drupal 9.4.0?
The fourth feature release of Drupal 9 brings a whole new frontend look with the Olivero theme by default and a refreshed backend interface with the Claro theme. There is also a new starterkit theme generator, better image loading performance and easier permission management.
Drupal now uses the Olivero frontend theme by default
When you install Drupal 9.4.0, it will look quite different from previous releases because it uses the new modern Olivero frontend theme. While the theme looks beautiful, it also has superb accessibility and adapts well to various display sizes.

The theme is named after Rachel Olivero (1982-2019). She was the head of the organizational technology group at the National Federation of the Blind, a well-known accessibility expert, a Drupal community contributor, and a friend to many.
Drupal now uses the Claro backend theme by default!
The Claro backend theme has been in the works for a while. It

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