Enlarge / K-9 Mail will become Thunderbird for Android in time. (credit: Mozilla)

The open source Thunderbird email client has a long and storied history, but until now, that history has been limited to the desktop. That’s about to change, according to a post on the Thunderbird blog. Thunderbird will be coming to Android through the popular open source mobile email client K-9 Mail.
According to Thunderbird’s Jason Evangelho, the Thunderbird team has acquired the source code and naming rights to K-9 Mail. K-9 Mail project maintainer Christian Ketterer (who goes by “cketti” in the OSS community) will join the Thunderbird team, and over time, K-9 Mail will become Thunderbird for Android.
Thunderbird’s team will invest finance and development time in K-9 to add several features and quality-of-life enhancements before that happens, though. The blog post lists these bullets on the features road map:Read 4 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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