For the last seven years, Mighty has been a legal technology company operating a portal that helps personal injury law firms interface more seamlessly with the lienholders, such as medical providers, who have claims against their clients’ recoveries.
But as of today, Mighty is making a mighty big pivot, directly competing against those personal injury law firms with a dual-entity business in which Mighty helps deliver clients to its newly launched partner law firm, Mighty Law, and supports that law firm with technology and services.
To start, it is launching in three states – Connecticut, Georgia and Texas – with plans to eventually cover the entire United States.
Tackling PI Law’s ‘Incentive Problem’
Why would a tech company take such a radical turn? According to founder and CEO Joshua Schwadron, it all comes down to the “incentive problem” and the failure of PI firms to pass along the savings of technological innovation to the

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