Have you noticed how some feeds look great in a mailbox-style reader while others don’t. For example, feeds from Substack are good in mailbox readers because their items are full-text titled essays. But NYT feeds look terrible in mailbox readers, as does Scripting News.
The mailbox reader, which was popularized by Google Reader, is designed for titled full-text feeds. The NYT has titles on its feed items, but not full text, just a synopsis. There’s so much wasted space in the display. It feels unbalanced. I like whitespace, but that’s not what this is.
The incredibly useful Hacker News feed looks pretty weird in a mailbox-style reader.
In my feed, and feeds of Drummer blogs, some posts have titles, but most don’t. A mailbox reader can’t deal with untitled posts, I’ve given up on trying to make it work, it just doesn’t.
The NYT and Scripting work much better in a

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