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Boy, gig companies sure hire disastrously sloppy lawyers: $100m flushed down the drain in Massachusetts.

Hey look at this: Delights to delectate.

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Boy, gig companies sure hire disastrously sloppy lawyers (permalink)
In the run-up to the 2020 election, “gig work” companies, led by Uber and Lyft, firehosed $225m to back the passage of Proposition 22, a law that would permanently allow them to misclassify employees as contractors, not entitled to benefits or workplace protections.
More than a decade after Citizen United – the Supreme Court ruling that paved the way for unlimited dark money in US election spending – it’s sometimes hard to get a sense of scale. Is $225m a lot of money to spend on a California ballot initiative?
Uh, yeah. Uber and Lyft’s spending on that single question exceeded nearly all the spending on

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