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The sex industry isn’t technophilic: Why sex workers are the first in – and first out – of new technologies.

Schroedinger’s streaming service just died: When is a “sale” a “license?”

Hey look at this: Delights to delectate.

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The sex industry isn’t technophilic (permalink)
The sex industry has pioneered every new communications tool since the printing press: in my own lifetime, I’ve watched it take the lead in VCRs, desktop publishing, BBSes, digital text, digital images, digital videos, live streaming services, cryptocurrency, and VR. It would be easy to conclude that being interested in sex is somehow correlated with being fascinated by technology.
But that’s wrong. While there are lots of sex workers and sex industry participants who have an innate fascination with technology, there’s no reason to think that being into sex is a predictor of

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