On Wednesday, Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) posted her upcoming cryptocurrency regulation bill on GitHub. What she got in return were eight pull requests and lots of trolling. The Verge reports: As of press time, Github users have commented on 24 issues in the bill and made eight pull requests — some of which have proposed meaningful additions to the bill. One user asked the senators to “increase the value of proof-of-work cryptocurrencies with a tax on mining.” Another thread raised concerns about algorithmic backing of stablecoins.

However, the more common response has been trolling. One flagged issue is titled, “You Know You Can Find Someone To Do Findom Using Google, Right.” Another is titled only with the eggplant emoji. In a related thread, a user commented, “Feds are not looking post floppa,” accompanied by a picture of a popular Russian caracal who has gained an internet following under the name

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