Enlarge / Starfield will emerge from outer space and land on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs by June 2023. (credit: Xbox / Bethesda)

Microsoft’s bow in the annual flurry of early June game announcements, streamed on YouTube on Sunday, came with a surprising asterisk: a focus on “games you can play over the next 12 months.” But while the company had a lot to announce for Xbox Game Pass subscribers in 2022, the biggest Xbox console exclusives shown on Sunday appear to skip 2022 altogether.
Bethesda Game Studios tempered fans’ expectations last month by confirming that both of its biggest previously announced “Xbox console exclusive” games, Starfield and Redfall, had been delayed to 2023, and now we know that both should arrive by June of next year. After reviewing Starfield’s Sunday gameplay reveal, we honestly wonder whether that time window will be sufficient for Bethesda to finish the game, because Starfield

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