Unity, the company behind the popular game development engine of the same name, has recently laid off hundreds of staffers, multiple sources tell Kotaku. From the report: Founded in the mid-2000s, Unity is used by thousands of developers; you’ve almost certainly seen its logo pop up in the loading screens for some of your favorite — or least-favorite — games. In 2014, former EA head John Riccitiello took over as CEO. (In 2020, Riccitiello reportedly saw his compensation jump by 160 percent to $22 million.) The firm employed 3,300 people as of June 2020, according to its IPO filing with the Securities and Exchange Commision, though the company’s LinkedIn and Glassdoor pages peg that figure as north of 5,000.

Layoffs have afflicted Unity’s offices across the globe. Sources tell Kotaku that pretty much every corner of the company has taken some sort of hit, though there’s a concentration in the

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