Sean Michael Kerner writes via VentureBeat: Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant technology isn’t just about natural language processing (NLP) anymore, now it has become a platform that’s aiming for ambient intelligence. At Amazon’s Alexa Live 2022 event today, the company announced a series of updates and outlined its general strategy for enabling ambient intelligence that will help transform how users in all types of different settings will interact with technology and benefit from artificial intelligence (AI). Among the announcements made at the event is the new Alexa Voice Service (AVS) SDK 3.0 to help developers build voice services, and new tools including the Alexa Routines Kit to support development of multistep routines that can be executed via voice. The concept of ambient intelligence is about having technology available when users need it and without the need for users to learn how to operate a service.

“One of the hallmarks of ambient

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