“If I want AWS to ignore me completely all I have to do is open a pull request against one of their repositories,” quipped cloud economist Corey Quinn in April, while also complaining that the real problem is “how they consistently and in my opinion incorrectly try to shape a narrative where they’re contributing to the open source ecosystem at a level that’s on par with their big tech company peers.”

But on Friday tech columnist Matt Asay argued that AWS is quietly getting better at open source. “Agreed,” tweeted tech journalist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols in response, commending “Good open source people, good open-source work.” (And Vaughan-Nichols later retweeted an AWS principle software engineer’s announcement that “Over at Amazon Linux we are hiring, and also trying to lead and better serve customers by being more involved in upstream communities.”) Mark Atwood, principle engineer for open source at Amazon, also joined

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