Merchants building businesses on giant marketplaces often have to think inside the marketplace’s box, but Medusa, a one-year-old e-commerce startup from Denmark, is going after e-commerce platforms, like Shopify and WooCommerce, with its open source alternative aimed at the JavaScript developer community.
Co-founders Sebastian Rindom, Oliver Juhl and Nicklas Gellner started the company a year ago, though they have been working on the software for four years with an initial customer. What they found, by helping that customer scale their business via marketplaces Shopify and WooCommerce, was that they had to do some more coding workarounds and hacks than they thought should happen.
“You are constrained on how to build software for customers to see scale,” Rindom told TechCrunch. “The customer was bullish on e-commerce and wanted to double their revenue in a year, so we worked to figure out what platform they could migrate to to make that happen, and Medusa

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