This came straight from a twitter thread, no editing. #interop
I’ve never thought I’d get any insights from drawing graph-like pictures of my outlines. I work fast. My outlines are snapshots of what I’m doing in projects on a day by day basis. Others are about communicating with others (reviewers, testers).
Next up the ladder are blog posts. Those are indexed by my outline indexer, daytona. And of course google et al, which care less and less about my public writing, so fuck em.
Finally is the book I’ve never written which will be a concordance of all the blog writing, w the most intelligent and witty parts up front. If you come up with software for that, I’m a customer. And I don’t say that sarcastically, I bet google could do it, if they wanted to.
PS: I forgot to mention twitter which is for public communication of early drafts of stuff that

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