Yesterday, Phoronix reported that the lead developer of systemd, Lennart Poettering, left Red Hat. “It turns out he had joined Microsoft and [is] continuing his work on systemd,” writes Phoronix’s Michael Larabel in a new report. He continues: While some may not always align with his views or approaches to handling some things, there is no overstating his enormous contributions to the Linux/open-source world and his dedication to advancing the ecosystem over the years. This may take many by surprise but let’s not forget Microsoft has over time employed a number of Linux developers and other prominent open-source developers… Microsoft currently employs Python creator Guido van Rossum, GNOME creator Miguel de Icaza had been employed by Microsoft from 2016 when they acquired Xamarin to earlier this year when he left, Nat Friedman as part of Xamarin-Microsoft served as GitHub CEO following Microsoft’s acquisition, Gentoo Linux founder Daniel Robbins was previously

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