An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: Stephen Flavall makes his living by playing video games to an audience of thousands on Twitch. When he first started streaming, he only had about fifteen people at a time watching him. He liked how he could engage with a small community, cracking jokes while people cheered him on. Unfortunately, the vibe changed as his popularity grew. “Around 200 viewers was when it started getting exhausting,” says Flavall. “Now I have like 2,000 viewers [at a time] and when that many people are asking you questions and telling you what to do, it becomes absolutely unmanageable. I started having anxiety, bordering on full panic attacks.” Flavall’s gotten to a better place now, but his story isn’t unique. Burnout is on the rise across the country, even for those whose work is — quite literally — play.

While professional video gaming can sound

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