It’s a free and open-source, cross-platform FTP application that allows secure file transfering — and it’s making an old-school protocol cool again, according to a recent blog post.

Started about 21 years ago — and downloaded by millions each year — FileZilla remains “committed to their role in liberating technology, by making it accessible, open and also secure,” according to the blog post. But it also explains how FileZilla has beefed up that security through a collaboration with the internet freedom nonprofit, the Open Technology Fund (or “OTF”):

Over the past year, FileZilla has utilised support from OTF to undertake two activities that enhanced and ensured the security of their tools. The first was integrating FileZilla Server with Let’s Encrypt, a free, automated, and open source certificate authority that ensures secure communication between the two end-points sending or receiving a file via FileZilla…. Secondly, FileZilla ran a penetration test, a service

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