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A TRAP for workers: Oops, we re-invented indenture.

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A TRAP for workers (permalink)
One of the weirdest parts of conspiratorialism is the hunt for anagrams as secret expressions of guilt. Ken Cheng’s recent BBC Comedy of the Week show, he has a great bit on this, pointing out how weird it is that someone figured out that “delta” and “omicron” are an anagram for “media control.”
As Cheng says, “do they think the coronavirus was invented by Tom Marvolo Riddle?” And yet, sometimes, villains really do use word-games to tip their hands. How else to explain that Petsmart’s predatory “job training” scheme for new hires is called TRAP?
TRAP – “training repayment agreement provision” – was billed as a free job training scheme for new Petsmart hires, a 4-week program

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