Hard to believe that, in 2022, the Kindle can still headline an Amazon event — and yet, he were are. We’re expecting plenty of news out of today’s virtual Amazon event (and slightly melancholy that we weren’t able to cover it from Seattle), but the company’s 15-year-old e-reader line is the big news this time out.
News of the Kindle Scribe arrives as things have been fairly quiet on the e-reader front. Kobo is still kicking, but Amazon has utterly dominated the category for some years. It’s the sort of thing that tends to slow innovation to a screeching halt, aside from the addition of USB-C to the entry-level Kindle and Paperwhite, along with a bump in display res to 300 ppi for the former.
But the Scribe brings something altogether new to the line: writing. For the first time since the first Kindle was introduced in late-2007, Amazon’s added the ability

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