Image: When Martha Alibali, professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, first used lecture-capture technology last spring, she worried that her efforts might suppress in-person attendance. Many students still participated in the live class, and they shared thoughts about the policy in conversation and end-of-semester course evaluations.

Those who appreciated the recordings included: students with COVID-19, long COVID, or other health struggles; athletes who traveled for competitions; those who needed to travel for important family events or emergencies; those fasting for Ramadan; one seeking to avoid encountering someone in the building who had harassed her in the past; students for whom English was their second language who wanted to relisten to the lectures; and students reviewing material before exams. Alibali had 109 students; the most watched lecture video was viewed 84 times, and the least watched lecture video was viewed 34 times.

“I was astonished how many times the videos

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