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Intel’s processor lineup used to be, in the words of one of our greatest working artists, all about the Pentiums. That became less true beginning in the mid-2000s, when the modern “Core” branding was created to emphasize the company’s then-new multi-core processor offerings. But it was still sometimes about the Pentiums—Pentium and Celeron have both soldiered on into the modern era as brand names for low-end desktop and laptop CPUs.
But the labels may not be long for this world, even in that diminished capacity. Intel announced today that its laptop chips will shed the Pentium and Celeron branding beginning in Q1 of 2023, to be replaced by “Intel Processor.” The word “Processor” has a capital P so that you don’t confuse an Intel Processor with an Intel processor.

Intel VP Josh Newman claims that unifying the Pentium and Celeron families together under one nondescript umbrella “will

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