Just four years after launching Westlaw Edge as its next-generation legal research platform, Thomson Reuters today unveiled the next-next generation. It is called Westlaw Precision and, as the name suggests, its focus is on delivering research results that are more precise than ever before, and delivering them with greater speed than ever before.
What does TR mean by more precise? It means search results that better match not just the legal issue, but also the outcome, fact pattern, cause of action, motion type and outcome, party type, and area of law.
And in a moment when AI-driven research is all the rage, Precision takes a somewhat old-school approach to achieving this precision — using hundreds of lawyer editors to manually tag cases with greater granularity than Westlaw had previously done through its Key Number System (while by no means abandoning the advanced AI that helped power Westlaw Edge).
“For more than 100 years,

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