“This Monday, the first set of patches to enable Rust support and tooling was merged for Linux 6.1,” writes Slashdot reader sabian2008, sharing an update from longtime kernel developer Kees Cook: The tree has a recent base, but has fundamentally been in linux-next for a year and a half. It’s been updated based on feedback from the Kernel Maintainer’s Summit, and to gain recent Reviewed-by: tags. Miguel is the primary maintainer, with me helping where needed/wanted. Our plan is for the tree to switch to the standard non-rebasing
practice once this initial infrastructure series lands. The contents are the absolute minimum to get Rust code building in the
kernel, with many more interfaces[2] (and drivers — NVMe[3], 9p[4], M1 GPU[5]) on the way.

The initial support of Rust-for-Linux comes in roughly 4 areas:

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