An anonymous reader quotes a report from BetaNews: Slack developer Felix Rieseberg released Windows 95 as an Electron app four years ago, updating it shortly afterwards to allow it to run gaming classics like Doom. Now he rolls out a new version which can run on any Windows, Mac or Linux system. Based on the Electron framework, Rieseberg’s Windows 95 is written entirely in JavaScript, so it doesn’t run as smoothly as it would if it was a native app, but you shouldn’t let that put you off.

This is the second update of the year, which brings it up to version 3.1.1 and includes two important changes:
– Upgraded from Electron v18 to Electron v21 (and with it, Chrome and Node.js) – Upgraded v86 (sound is back!)

The earlier update (in June) brought the software up to 3.0.0 and introduced the following changes:
– Upgraded from Electron v11 Electron

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