Over on micro.blog John Philpin was blazing his way through News Products. I said I would help him get through it today. That’s the purpose of this blog post.

Background: There are many new ideas in FeedLand. I’ve spent all of 2022 working on it, and I’ve been self-sidelined in rss.land for many of the 20 years since the RSS 2.0 spec was finalized, so I had a lot of ideas waiting to be tried out. One of those is News Products, it’s one of the ways FeedLand is a developer platform.

First there are docs on News Products. They begin: “A news product is a one-page website you create with FeedLand for people outside of FeedLand to read.”
There is an easy path into News Products, and it’s explained first in the docs. John took that approach first, with excellent results. But he wants to do more than that,

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