The Space Anomaly gathering place has gotten a visual overhaul. [credit:
Hello Games

Today was a red-letter day for space exploration and crafting game No Man’s Sky. The game released on Nintendo Switch, first of all, but that release was accompanied by a major overhaul to many of the game’s menus and systems. Developer Hello Games has dubbed it “No Man’s Sky 4.0,” or the “Waypoint” update.
Since its launch in 2016, No Man’s Sky has been through numerous changes and iterations, to the point that today’s Minecraft- or Valheim-esque experience barely resembles the ambient, aimless exploration of the original release. Today’s update isn’t as major as the one that turned an exploration game into a crafting one, but it’s probably the runner-up, in that it offers a sweeping array of quality-of-life improvements.
Many of these are related to either the game’s inventory system or

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