“Paramount Global executive David Nevins, who has run the premium network Showtime since 2016, is leaving the company at the end of year,” reports CNBC. According to the report, it may help give the media conglomerate “more flexibility to potentially merge Showtime into Paramount+.” From the report: Along with his departure, Paramount Global is restructuring Showtime in ways that could give the company flexibility to effectively end Showtime as it’s existed for decades — as an independent premium cable network churning out prestige hits such as “Dexter,” “Weeds,” “Billions,” “Homeland” and “Yellowjackets.” Paramount Global announced Thursday that it’s moving Showtime’s network business under the leadership of Chris McCarthy, who runs other linear cable networks such as MTV and Comedy Central, and the streaming service under Tom Ryan, who runs Paramount Streaming.

The moves come as the company is considering the idea of merging Showtime into Paramount+ and using the network’s

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