Enlarge / Slow Roads lets you drive through infinite dynamically generated landscapes in an easy-going way. (credit: Ars Technica)

A few days ago, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based developer named Anslo announced Slow Roads, a free, easygoing driving game with procedurally generated scenic landscapes that runs in a web browser. It’s available at slowroads.io and requires no logins or installs to play.
Many driving video games lock you into rules that can make driving feel stressful, which is great if you’re in a competitive mood. But sometimes you might want to just relax and enjoy the ride. That’s where Slow Roads comes in. In the game, you can’t crash, fail, or lose. The road stretches on forever as scenic landscapes zip by. If you steer off the road, press “R” to reset your car’s position onto the pavement. Even roads are optional: Drive off-road or underwater if you want.
The game runs

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