Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: A new book identifies “26 Lines of Code That Changed the World.” But its cheeky title also incorporates a comment from Unix’s source code — “You are Not Expected to Understand This”. From a new interview with the book’s editor:

With chapter titles like “Wear this code, go to jail” and “the code that launched a million cat videos,” each chapter offers appreciations for programmers, gathering up stories about not just their famous lives but their sometimes infamous works. (In Chapter 10 — “The Accidental Felon” — journalist Katie Hafner reveals whatever happened to that Harvard undergraduate who went on to inadvertently create one of the first malware programs in 1988…) The book quickly jumps from milestones like the Jacquard Loom and the invention of COBOL to bitcoin and our thought-provoking present, acknowledging both the code that guided the Apollo 11 moon landing and the

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