Sarah Lamden’s new book, Data Cartels: The Companies that Control and Monopolize Our Information, came out earlier this month, and Sarah is currently making the webinar and podcast rounds to discuss it. In her book, Sarah discusses the unregulated underworld of what she terms “data cartels,” and demonstrates how the entities mining, commodifying, and selling our data and informational resources perpetuate social inequalities and threaten the democratic sharing of knowledge.
In this week’s webinar with the METRO NY Library Council, Sarah not only discussed what prompted her from making the switch from law librarian to law professor, but highlighted some of the other articles, websites, and media that may be of interest to people interested in data privacy.

The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era
When LexisNexis Makes a Mistake, You Pay For It
NYC Digital Safety website
Check if your email or phone is in a data breach
Seek and Hide: The Tangled

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