Remember Amazon’s announcement Tuesday that Prime members would get free access to ad-free podcasts and a library of 100 million songs?

It made Slashdot reader ayjaym cancel their Amazon Prime subsciption. Because despite the upgrade to 100 million tracks, “all of these — including the albums that were available on Prime Music previously — can only be played in random order!”

You can’t skip forward or back while playing a song either. And, if you like to listen to classical music you now have the travesty of having great works chopped up and reshuffled into a random play order.

A headline at Inc. magazine says Amazon’s change “Is Making Everyone Angry.”
“Hey Alexa, play Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero,” used to be a simple thing you might say. When you did, your Echo would do exactly that. It would play Taylor Swift’s newest song as long as it was in the catalog of songs

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