More than $380 million in crypto left bankrupt crypto company FTX’s wallets late Friday, with little clear explanation as to why. CoinDesk: According to on-chain data, various Ethereum tokens, as well as Solana and Binance Smart Chain tokens have exited FTX’s official wallets and moved to decentralized exchanges like 1inch. Both FTX and FTX US appear to be affected. FTX US general counsel Ryne Miller tweeted that he was “investigating abnormalities with wallet movements related to consolidation of ftx balances across exchanges.”

The transfers, which have not been addressed officially by FTX leadership, come on the same day that the firm officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after apparently losing billions of dollars in user funds. Many FTX wallet holders are also reporting that they are seeing $0 balances in their and FTX US wallets. There are indications that FTX may have been hacked.

At least $1 billion

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