Enlarge / Just bear with me for a second, Kratos…

It’s been four years now since Sony reimagined the remorseless god of war Kratos as a meme-worthy single father struggling to connect with his son. A few years have also passed between the events of that game and those of God of War: Ragnarök, a less focused game that still serves as a worthy sequel that slots easily into the same groove as that reboot.
In Ragnarök, the young and eager Atreus of the last God of War has been replaced with a headstrong pre-teen who is constantly pushing against his father’s headstrong attitude. As the title implies, father and son find themselves struggling through the realm-scarring Fimbulwinter, a prelude to the world-ending battle of Ragnarök.
Yet even the prospect of the end of the world isn’t enough to re-ignite Kratos’ lust for war. He’s eager to avoid the battle,

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