In news that had me checking my calendar to see if it is April 1, the practice management company Filevine says that, as part of a new Document Assembly feature, it has developed a proprietary document format, “.vine,” that it believes will replace Microsoft Word and Google Docs in the legal industry.
“We believe that Document Assembly and .vine will become the new standard in the legal industry, replacing word processors that are ill-equipped for the job,” said Ryan Anderson, founder and CEO of Filevine. “Fundamentally, legal work is about producing and exchanging complex documents. By bringing this task into our platform—and connecting it to all the case data Filevine collects—we’re enabling legal teams to streamline a crucial part of their work.”
Before I tell you what I think about this, let me say that Filevine is a well-regarded product and the company’s CEO Anderson, a former lawyer, has always struck me

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