Carvana, the used car dealer that trusts robotic algorithms to buy your car practically sight unseen, was the third-fastest company to ever make it onto the Fortune 500 — only Amazon and Google did it faster. But for the third day in a row, its stock is trading for just around $7 a share, plummeting 98 percent from its all-time high of over $360 last August. From a report: My first thought on reading the news: maybe the company shouldn’t let robots pay people more than their cars cost brand-new? This February, I sold a seven-year-old car to Carvana for more than I paid out the door and wrote a story about the perfect storm of factors that led to that outcome. (Stimulus checks! Chip shortages! Covid fears! Unheard-of demand for vehicles! Blind trust in algorithms!) But after reading through the past six quarters of the company’s financial results and

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