The Godot Engine now has its own foundation to continue funding themselves. Previously, they teamed up with the Software Freedom Conservancy to handle fiscal sponsorship duties. Phoronix reports: The Godot engine developers and Software Freedom Conservancy mutually agreed to move the open-source game engine project to its own foundation. The Godot Foundation has been setup in the Netherlands as its own organization modeled after the policies of the SFC. The Godot Foundation is to help this game engine achieve its next level of growth and project a stronger image for the project. “We have just started the process of moving to the Foundation,” writes Godot Engine lead developer, Juan Linietsky, in a blog post. “For now all of Godot’s funding and contractors are still managed by the SFC. The SFC will gradually reduce its work for Godot and the new foundation will slowly ramp up. Stay tuned for announcements in

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