“Cixin Liu’s sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem can’t stop jumping to other formats,” reports Gizmodo:
In addition to next year’s Netflix series from The Terror: Infamy’s Alexander Woo and Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and DB Weiss, last year saw the release of a serialized podcast (different from the audiobook version).

And for 2022, we’ve got an animated series that’s premiering actually pretty soon.

Come December 3, an anime version of The Three-Body Problem will release on the Chinese streaming platform Bilibili. This series was originally announced in 2019 with a trailer, but things have been fairly quiet on that front up until now. Developed by CG studio YHTK Entertainment in partnership with The Three-Body Universe, a studio built specifically for the purpose of managing the franchise, a new trailer for the upcoming anime was released earlier in the week during a Bilibili anime showcase.

“Having enjoyed the book, I

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