An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: DuckDuckGo, the internet’s favorite private search engine, is rolling out a new feature across its service Wednesday called Google Sign-in Pop-up Protection, It’s on by default, saving your eyes and your time from Google’s nagging. You can still sign in with Google whenever you want, you just don’t have to deal with Google’s prompts. “They popups are invasive, annoying and they undermine user privacy,” said Peter Dolanjski, director of product for DuckDuckGo. “Google is employing a dark pattern by pushing you to sign in when you might not have otherwise. When you do, Google is is tracking what you do on those websites and linking it to your identity.”

Google Sign In is nothing new, but the popups are a subtle but pervasive change to the web. You can find them on, Pinterest, Reddit, Trulio, Zillo and countless more. “We believe

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