Apple is rolling out its iOS 16.2 update for all users today along with iPadOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura 13.1. The new version brings features like improved encryption for iCloud data, Live Activities on the home screen, and a Karaoke feature for Apple Music. Plus, Apple is also debuting its collaborative whiteboard app Freeform.
Here’s the list of all things you’ll get to experience with iOS 16.2.
End-to-end encryption for iCloud data
Historically, Apple has encrypted sensitive data like passwords while storing it in iCloud. Now, the company is launching end-to-end encryption for most data with a new Advanced Data Protection mode. Emails, contacts and calendar events aren’t end-to-end encrypted as those services are based on unencrypted standard protocols. If you activate Advanced Data Protection, it means that only you can access your device’s data by authenticating your identity on a trusted device like an iPhone or a Mac. If anyone else tries

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