An anonymous reader quotes a report from Slate, written by Lizzie O’Leary: When the New York Times announced, on November 7, that Wordle would have an editor, I didn’t give it much thought. How much could the mere presence of a person really change it? Oh, how naive I was! Four days later, I got my answer. And that answer was MEDAL. MEDAL? On November 11th? Wait a minute — was the Times punning with its Wordle on Veterans Day? Hmm. I was willing to chalk it up to a coincidence, until November 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel days of the year when DRIVE appeared. I tapped angrily on my phone, muttering to myself. And then, on the day of the holiday itself? FEAST. This — this was too much. My treasured mind awakener had gone soft. (Two days later came CLEAN. Harrumph.)

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