Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) will now automatically encrypt all new objects added on buckets on the server side, using AES-256 by default. BleepingComputer reports: While the server-side encryption system has been available on AWS for over a decade, the tech giant has enabled it by default to bolster security. Administrators will not have to take any actions for the new encryption system to affect their buckets, and Amazon promises it won’t have any negative performance impact. Administrators may leave the system to encrypt at the default 256-bit AES or choose one of the alternative methods, namely SSE-C or SSE-KMS.

The first option (SSE-C) gives bucket owners control of the keys, while the second (SSE-KMS) lets Amazon do the key management. However, bucket owners can set different permissions for each KMS key to maintain more granular control over the asset access system. To confirm that the changes have been applied

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