An anonymous reader shares a report: David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of 37Signals — which operates project management platform Basecamp and other products — has detailed the colossal cloud bills that saw the outfit quit the cloud in October 2022. The CTO and creator of Ruby On Rails did all the sums and came up with an eye-watering cloud bill for $3,201,564 in 2022 — or $266,797 each month. Plenty of that spend — $759,983 — went on compute, in the form of Amazon Web Services’ EC2 and EKS services.

On Twitter, Hansson contrasted that cost with the spend needed to acquire servers packing 288 vCPUs and plenty more besides over three years. Hansson was at pains to point out that even that bill was the result of a concerted effort to keep it low. “Getting this massive spend down to just $3.2 million has taken a ton of work. The

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