“Thousands of CES 2023 attendees tested out the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop tunnel transit system,” reports Fierce Electronics, “for quick 1.7-mile trips offering them a prelude of more of the efficient tunnels to come.”

The service was free during the early January event, offering 115,000 CES attendees a chance to reduce a 45-minute LVCC cross-campus walk time down to 2 minutes, not including short waits for Tesla vehicles with drivers. “I call shotgun!” one gleeful CES attendee said while waiting in line. Once inside the white Tesla vehicle, the man used his phone to video the entire trip, marking its sudden acceleration to maximum speed in the single lane white tunnel, an experience the design engineer likened to a slick amusement park ride over a tunnel race track….

Construction is expected to begin in 2023 on the 29-mile Vegas Loop tunnel network approved by the county in 2021 to ultimately

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