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Over the holiday break, the footage from the recent “RISC-V Summit” was posted for the world to see, and would you believe that Google showed up to profess its love for the up-and-coming CPU architecture?
We’ve been trying to nail down how the Android team feels about RISC-V (reduced instruction set computer) for a while. We last heard a comment from the team six months ago, where our Google I/O question about RISC-V was answered only with “we’re watching, but it would be a big change for us.” Some external RISC-V porting projects exist, and various RISC-V commits have been landing in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), but since anyone can submit code to AOSP, it has been hard to make any bold proclamations about RISC-V’s Android status.
Google’s keynote at the RISC-V Summit was all about bold proclamations, though. Lars Bergstrom, Android’s director of

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