Intel has finally pulled the proverbial trigger on its non-K series SKUs, with sixteen new Raptor Lake-S series processors for desktops. AnandTech: Varied across a mixture of bare multiplier locked SKUs such as the Core i9-13900 and Core i7-13700 with a TDP of 65 W, Intel has also announced its T series models with a TDP of just 35 W for lower powered computing, including the Core i9-13900T. Furthermore, Intel has launched its Core i3 series family, offering decent performance levels, albeit with just performance (P) cores and no efficiency (E) cores, at a more affordable price starting from $109. Although the overclockable parts typically get consumers’ attention when they launch, most of Intel’s sales come through its regular non-K parts. Despite not being world record holders regarding performance or overclocking ability, the non-K series SKUs account for most system builders and OEM systems across the entry-level and mid-range offerings.

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